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We challenge people in their beliefs and help them to reach the next level. We help startups and other business focusing on details as well as seeing the bigger picture in there business. Digitization is only needed if it create return of investment.

Play while learning with a structured mindset leads to innovative solutions.

Jacob Laursen, founder of 7 Mile Technology

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Our Company

We are a consulting company with passion for developing leaders and teams to perform better and still enjoying their daily worklife. We have many years of experience in helping startups and small companies to exploit their potential. We are proud of beeing a part of Innopixel, giving support and supervision to highly skilled technology companies.

Play & Learn

We are using playful and creative mindset to achieve our goal. ”Play is intelligence having fun” says Einstein! In a process it is important that we play and allow mistakes to happen. What matters is the learning perspective and how we use this new learning to create better solutions or better products.

Unique & Structure

We are specialized in adapting and adjusting our services, because every company faces different challenges and everyone is unique. We focus on this uniqueness and combine our many years of experience, knowing a creative and playful mind need a structur. The structure is essential to create successful and innovative solutions.

Our Craft & Expertise

We have an array of services we use to help elevate and strengthen your company. Take a look at our services and see how we can add value to your company.

Helping our partners with

  • Training,
  • Salesupport,
  • Coaching,
  • Business development,
  • Digitazation
  • Advisery board or as a boardmember