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Groth-Østergaard Animation

We recreate historical sceneries and events through 3D modelling and animations. Our work is always based on thorough research and archaeological evidence and performed in high artistic quality.

Our aim is to bring ambience and life into the communication of History, to stimulate curiosity and knowledge of the past.

Nana Groth, Co-founder of Groth-Østergaard Animation

Project planning

Our Company

We have a long-term experience collaborating with museums and documentarists and have for more than a decade specialized exclusively in the communication of History.

Our Craft & Expertise

Considering the client our partner, we help transform Your idea and scope into captivating expressions. We help developing the project in close collaboration with you and we are happy to assist you in the process of reaching founding.

Helping our partners with

  • 3D animations,
  • Project development,
  • Innovative ideas,
  • Communication,
  • Counseling,
  • Manuscript,
  • Fundraising,
  • Storytelling,
  • Narratives.