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A film production house with heavy focus on multi-platform storytelling. We develop projects just as well as we execute them.

Film is our craft; history is our passion. Our projects are always founded in research and can be used for education as well as entertainment.

Simon Lykke, Founder of Malstrøm

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Our Company

Our in-house team takes care of development and editing, and our network of freelancers are called in for productions. We work well with museums and historical sites as they already work in a storytelling field with lots of transmedia. Even though we are experts in film, most of our projects involve roleplay, video games, photography, print and good old face to face storytelling. We dream of museums working together in a joined story telling adventure.

Our Craft & Expertise

We develop projects for free, and execute potential film productions after founding have been reached.

Helping our partners with

  • Film production,
  • Brainstorms,
  • Project development,
  • Editing,
  • Storytelling,

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  • +45 23710554
  • CVR: 40427198
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