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We are creative craftsmen who strive to deliver high quality and purpose-driven experiences, breaking down complex problems, attending to even the smallest detail.

We love technology and are not afraid of using newly acquired skills to help solve problems. We continuously strive to learn more and get better.

Christian Nørrelund, Co-founder of Wacky Studio

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Our Company

Our team is specialized in an variety of services that can help improve and strengthen your company. We work closely together as a productive unit to create meaningful, solid and purpose-driven experiences.

We are a part of Innopixel because of the thriving creative environment and the opportunity to work with great people and exciting projects.

Branding & Strategy

We are experienced craftsmen in the field of Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Type Design, Marketing Materials, SEO, Social Media Strategies and Project Management. We love to design everything from offline to digital experiences, and are always embracing new ways to push the boundaries of our skills.

Development & Implementation

Alongside of our passion for designing new experiences comes the constant need for highly developed programming skills. The area of expertise are crucial to the way we create most of our experiences.

We are specialized in everything from Desktop, Web to Mobile which assures the visions and requirements of our designs comes to life, while also using the right tools, to ensure quality and solve the problems along the way.

Our Craft & Expertise

We have an array of services we use to help elevate and strengthen your company. Take a look at our services and see how we can add value to your company.

Helping our partners with

  • Virtual Reality,
  • Augmented Reality,
  • Web / App Development,
  • Brand Strategy,
  • Visual Identities,
  • SEO & Social Media,
  • Sound Design,
  • Unity Development