The Story Of Us

Innopixel brings together initiatives and management of major projects, so our diversity can come into play. We opened in our new playground in August 2017.

Our mission is to accelerate the growth of local innovative companies, with special focus on new technologies.

Michael Lundorff-Hansen, Founder of Innopixel

Innopixel 3D model

One Big Family

Innopixel is a new cluster of tech companies. Bringing together entrepreneurs, startups, corporations, industry experts and researchers.

We help innovative companies efficiently enter and accelerate growth with accelerator programs and provide corporate innovative services to global companies, and event programming, not only in Denmark, but internationally.

Diagram about services in Innopixel

Accelerating growth of local innovative companies

Our mission is to accelerate the growth of local innovative companies, with special focus on new technologies. Innopixel was launched in January 2017 by Michael Lundorff-Hansen, with a unique business and work-sharing model.

Innopixel sell products, knowledge and services through our innovative tech companies, while carrying a mission of creating jobs and new startups with focus on digital innovation.

Helping our partners with

  • Virtual Reality,
  • Augmented Reality,
  • 360° Video,
  • App's,
  • 3D Projection

Working closely together
as a productive unit

Leveraging the experience developed by working with over 100 companies, InnoPixel has developed a suite of services that comprehensively cover the needs of entrepreneurs at all stages of development in the area of new technologies: market discovery, product-market fit, sales and marketing, subsidiary set-up and funding support.

Our strength lies in knowledge sharing and the talented creative environment - the very core of our productive unit.

The Girl & The Raven - Innopixel
Virtual Reality - Innopixel
Virtual Reality - Innopixel

Creative environment

To foster creativity, our work environment provides time to think and reflect on creative ideas, promote diversity, encourage open communication and knowledge sharing.

We strongly believe that success comes through a collaborative process with a thriving creative environment where people learn from each other.

One rule at the office is, that once a week we stop our work and share new ideas and knowledge about new technology. This is the perfect way to encourage everyone to get together and learn something new along the way.

This creative mindset and culture serve as the very core foundation of what Innopixel is all about and why we love working together.

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