Egeskov Castle

Luminis is a light event combining various light installations, lasers and technology to create a visual experiences throughout Egeskov Castle.

The Challenge

When Egeskov Castle approached us with the idea of 3D projection mapping on the castle, they told us that the most important aspect of the show should be combining storytelling with visual effects. They wanted a unique experience for their audience, one that were able to impress and make people return for the show next year.

Egeskov Castle didn't have any limitations to the project other than they would like to have the veteran car museum incorporated. Because of their 50 years anniversary, it should be impressive and most importantly, the show should be connected by a story. The reason for the storytelling being stressed as the most important thing, was due to feedback previous years shows.

The previous animators had been given the same creative freedom as we were given, this unfortunatly had the result that storytelling was given the lowest priority, making the overall experience of the show somewhat incoherrent. (To ensure that this would not happen again we decided to go with a more abstract effect driven story, taking you through time, starting from before the castle was build and then touching on specific "key-points" in history, such as Egeskov Castle being built, the Industrialization, and the future.)

Egeskov Slot Luminis 2017

Using light and shadows to create a visual and new experience for the audience, through storytelling.

Our Approach

Working with projection mapping presents different challenges determined by the individual projects. To be able to project on such a large surface as Egeskov castle we had to use two projectors, aligned to overlap seamlessly, to not distort the final show.

To help us solve this, we reached out to Innopixels collaboration partner DVC (Dansk Video Center), knowing they had previous experience in shows like this, and had all the necessary knowledge we needed. Having a close collaboration with DVC during the project was essential to the final product, as we were not able to do any "on location" testing until a few days ahead of the show, which leaves little time to do adjustments.

Egeskov Slot Luminis 2017
Egeskov Slot Luminis 2017
Egeskov Slot Luminis 2017

The Solution

The solution became a one of a kind 3D projection mapping show. The projection itself contained a colorful and vivid experience, supported by storytelling that travels through time to engage the audience´s imagination.

The show brought important moments from Egeskov Castles history to life in a modern, beautiful and innovative way, created to appeal to the audience and exceeded their expectations.


We feel, that we have succesfully created a innovative and beautiful experience for Egeskov Castle, where the quality and expectations have been reached.

The project was challenging in many ways and gave us a better understanding for further development of working with 3D projection mapping. In general, the project gave us better knowledge about the importants of the storyline while still being able to be creative through the red line in the project.

Project Partners

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  • Design strategy
  • 3D design
  • 3D animation
  • Video production
  • Sound design