Fredericia Museum

In 2020, Innopixel and the Museums in Fredericia made a joint fund application to Google to develop a brand new concept for digital storytelling. The application was granted and in 2021 Innopixel started development of the project. The project has gone on to receive the ODM award in the same year.

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The Challenge

For this project we teamed up with PieLab to develop a brand new way of bringing digital storytelling to the world of museums. Our design was not clear to begin with, and required many collaborative sessions with the museum, before we hatched a design concept that we felt was worth making.

The challenge was to develop a concept that would bring tourists and city residents outside to explore the history and the massive remnants of the 17th century ramparts that encompass the city of Fredericia. Moreover, the main representative of the local history, Before we could begin development of this concept, we first had to explore the different technological approaches.

Combining an active, outdoor experience with digital  storytelling, using locationbased tracking.

Our Approach

We first had to scope the technological requirements to match what we wanted to develop, and at the same time keep the design at an equilibrium with the expected user group. When we began the concept design phase, we created a simplistic raw version of the game, that allowed for extensive gameplay testing, in order to test stability, activity and test whether or not the game was fun to play.

On the basis of successful testing, we continued our development, moving into the final development phase.

Egeskov Slot Luminis 2017
Egeskov Slot Luminis 2017

The Solution

The App was endearingly named “Landsoldaten”, after the famous statue and symbol of the 1850 era wartime victory monument. The app begins at the real Landsoldat statue, where users approach the statue in real life, and there the game activates the experience. In the game, the statue jumps down and sends the player on a series of missions that they have to complete. The player will find items associated with the history, and once all items are found in a mission, the full story of that mission is revealed with an animation. This matrix allows for several missions within a historical epoch.


In this project we were able to develop a new concept to learning history in an active environment. We delivered a full mobile game to the Museums in Fredericia, which they can now use, to teach the history of the city, to tourists, schools and locals alike. Many thanks to Google for funding this project, and the Museums of Fredericia for a great partnership.

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  • Game design
  • 3D design
  • 3D animation
  • Video production
  • Sound design