3D College & Kongernes Jelling - Metaverse Innovation Camp 2022

In 2022, Innopixel facilitated the 3D Colleges Innovation Camp for the second consecutive year. The camp brought together 100 students from the 3D and web school to explore new technologies and exhibit solutions for the Viking museum, Kongernes Jelling, within the metaverse.

The Challenge

The challenge was to find an open-minded museum with a rich history and a willingness to experiment with new technologies, and Kongernes Jelling fit the bill perfectly.

Innopixel and Kongernes Jelling collaborated to develop ten custom cases for the students to work on during the innovation week,

which would also enhance the museum's existing exhibits and showcase the potential of VR and AI.

innovationcamp - Innopixel

Exploring a new and innovative way for museum visitors  to experience and interact with history.

Our Approach

Innopixel approached the project by finding a user-friendly, no-code metaverse platform that could support a high volume of assets. They teamed up with SynergyXR to test the innovation week concept and to demonstrate how schools like 3D College can leverage the benefits of the metaverse in their curriculum, student recruitment, and graduate employment.

Innopixel also created a brand-new room, the Digital Innovation Camp Lounge, inspired by the private palace of Roman emperor Hadrian, where the emperor immersed himself in deep thought and reflection. Much like Hadrian's room, this space served as a creative hub for the students to immerse themselves in cultural history, technology, and innovation. A workflow was established for the students to follow as they designed and created content for the SynergyXR metaverse platform.

innovationcamp - Innopixel
innovationcamp - Innopixel

The Solution

The week began with technology presentations to inspire the students, and spark a light to fuel their creative amibitions. The students produced 15 innovative solutions using a variety of technologies and presented their work to a panel of judges. Kongernes Jelling was thrilled with the students' results and plans to integrate some of the solutions in the future.


This project showcased Innopixel's commitment to revolutionizing the way museums disseminate culture and history through digital media, and it also provided an opportunity to inspire and educate students with immersive technologies. The metaverse has now become a creative platform for Kongernes Jelling and 3D College to showcase, demo, create, and innovate within a shared space. So, be aware, the Vikings have arrived in the metaverse!

Companies involved

Services used

  • Metaverse
  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • AI technology
  • Application
  • Video production
  • Hardware installation
  • Exhibition design
  • Creative design