Kongernes Jelling

In preparation of the Tour de France coming to Denmark, the viking museum Kongernes Jelling asked Innopixel to develop an installation where visitors can mount a fixed bicycle and escape bloodthirsty vikings chasing you, while getting a selfie.

The Challenge

For this project we were thrilled to help the museum develop a completely new concept for their special Tour de France Viking exhibition. The museum was particularly interested in an experience that combined the Tour de France with the viking era.

Innopixel began developing the concept together with the museum and our vision for the project was quickly solidified. The visitor would mount a fixed bicycle, and see themselves be chased by vikings. After the experience, the visitor would be able to send captured selfies to themselves.

Our first real challenge was to explore the market for reliable solutions, and explore which technologies would fit our needs. The biggest issue would be the capture solution, which would need to perform several tasks at once. Another big challenge was to set up a racing bicycle, and have it be fixed completely, so that the installation would not break after hard repeated use.

kongernes jelling - Innopixel

Exploring a new and innovative way for museum visitors  to experience and interact with history.

Our Approach

After exploring the market we came to the conclusion that there existed no application already, which could replace a background with a video, and simultaneously take selfies that could be sent to an email afterwards. We therefore teamed up with PieLab to create the application ourselves. This also allowed us to fully customize the application for a specific flow, and also custom tailor a User Interface befitting the viking museum. We also teamed up with Malstrøm to film the chasing vikings.

Innopixel Viking Escape Box

The Solution

The installation was assembled with a racing bicycle fixed to a home trainer, both tightened to a wooden frame covered by a stylized carpet. Placed in front of the bicycle, a tablet was mounted on a stand, with our application installed. On the opposite side, a 34” monitor was fixed. The entire installation was framed under a 3x3 meter tent, with a custom stylized print. The application included an AI background removing software, which removed the need for a green screen.

The complete installation had its debut on the 24th of March, at the Vejle Tour de France event, celebrating the Tour being only 100 days away. Our installation was first tested by the Mayor of Vejle, and the President of the Tour de France, Christian Prudhomme. After the successful event, we modified the installation and delivered it for the special exhibition opening.


For this project we developed a full installation of several physical and digital components, all working together to create an interactive experience that ties together the Tour de France with the viking era. Because what will happen if you try to flee from a group of vikings? Hint; it doesn’t end well.

Project Partners

Companies involved

Services used

  • AI technology
  • Android application
  • Video production
  • Hardware installation
  • Exhibition design