To eliminate time and travel expenses, when presenting the Novozymes facilities in Kalundborg, to guests, we developed a VR Tour in collaboration with B-Visual.

The Challenge

Innopixel was contacted by Nicolai Brix from B-Visual with the assignment of developing a VR Tour for Novozymes. The goal with the VR Tour was threefold: First and foremost to eliminate time and travel expenses when presenting their facilities in Kalundborg. Secondly to be able to show off the facilities without giving away too much for competitors. And lastly to be able to give their salesteam, around the world, the ability to present the facility right where they are.

Novozymes 360 video tour - Innopixel

Creating a new and innovative way for visitors to experience the Kalundborg production facility.

Our Approach

To be able to deliver on the goals Novozymes had settled on, multiple decisions were made. First and foremost the quality of the videos had to be very high, secondly they had to be stereoscopic to embrace the sense of immersion the VR technology can deliver.

At the time the most high-end, top of the line solution was the Nokia OZO camera, with the ability to shoot videos with a 4K resolution for each eye and full spatial audio.

We chose to use this camera, for the absolute premium experience of video that can be delivered to VR at all. The user should be able to feel like they were standing on the facilites themselves.

Innopixel 3D model
Innopixel 3D model
Innopixel 3D model

The Solution

To accompany the high-end video resolution of the Nokia OZO camera, and meet all the goals, Novozymes had settled on, the final solution was split into two versions.

To accompany the high-end video quality, a version targeting the HTC Vive headset, which at the time was the top of the line in VR Headset solutions, was developed. This version was to make the grand experience pushing the quality of the headset to its fullest, to give an immersion like you were standing in the facilities yourself.

To meet the goals of mobility for the salesteam in the field, a version for iPhone and iPad was developed. Although not far behind the Vive version in video quality, the main focus of this version, was ease of use. One of the ways we ensured this, was to make it possible to go through the tour, with or without VR Glasses.

Innopixel 3D model


In the end we think we delivered a well built solution that adhere to all the requirements of Novozymes. We reached our own goals for quality requirements and all in all, create something special. The production flow from filming, editing, post processing and development functioned like a well oiled machine.

This project shows what Innopixel are capable of and how every company, with each set of skills, fits together like pieces in a puzzle.

Project Partners

Companies involved

Services used

  • Design Strategy
  • iOS development
  • Unity development
  • Video production
  • Speak / Sound