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The Girl & The Raven is about rethinking traditional marketing and embracing an innovative approach combined with an augmented reality experience.

The Challenge

In collaboration with Red Ink, we created an alternative take on traditional marketing material for the tourism industry. Red Ink wanted a way to expand and enhance the analogue offline medium without going fully digital. We created an augmented reality experience that does just that! By fusing digital technology with old-school print, we made an exciting and engaging experience that lifts the one-dimensional content off the paper.

Aimed specifically at children, The Girl & The Raven is an animated story about a journey through different local attractions and sights. We wanted to encourage children to explore the story and to follow in the footsteps of the digital characters as they moved around and seamlessly interacted with the real world thanks to augmented reality.

Innopixel 3D model

Changing how people explore and interact with local tourist attractions, through modern technology.

Our Approach

We worked closely with the Red Ink team to design and animate the universe and characters for The Girl & The Raven project. The story and presentation were specifically targeted to trigger interaction among the children using the material.

The visual appeal of the characters was given great attention. We wanted to capture the imagination of children and urge interaction and exploration. The final design was chosen because of its friendly and cartoonish appearance which enables the augmented reality universe to deliver a fun experience combined with learning and information sharing.

Innopixel 3D model
Innopixel 3D model
Innopixel 3D model

The Solution

We developed a vibrant, colourful and engaging augmented reality experience targeted at the younger audience.

The digital element and the story of The Girl & The Raven compliments the additional analogue material perfectly, and the seamless integration of augmented reality can be expanded to more tourist attractions with relative ease.


This is merely baby steps toward something bigger. The concept of mixing augmented reality and analogue media in a marketing context can be expanded and adapted to many different purposes.

The creative process of conceiving and developing a cross media experience proved to be a very rewarding project for our own understanding of the possibilities within this field. We could definitely see ourselves do more projects of this type in the future.

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  • Unity® development
  • 3D modeling
  • 3D animation
  • Sound design