Red Ink

The Girl & The Raven is about rethinking traditional marketing and embracing an innovative approach in combination with a Augmented Reality experience.

The Challenge

When Red Ink came to innopixel, they had an idea and a early concept on how to change their traditional marketing aimed at tourist. They wanted to expand beyond offline marketing and explore how to use modern technology such as Augmented Reality (AR) along with their existing products.

Red Ink introduced the idea about The Girls & The Raven which was a concept about a imaginary character aimed at children. The challenge was to create a coherent animated sequence of small stories centered around the character and her journey throughout all the tourist attractions. And hereby encourage children to explore the story and follow in the footsteps of the girl.

Innopixel 3D model

Changing how people explore and interact with local tourist attractions, through modern technology.

Our Approach

We worked closely with the Red Ink team to design and animate The Girl & The Raven universe. The storytelling centers around an experience, focusing on the expression and how the story is communicated to inspire children to connect and interact.

Care was given to create a visual appeal to the characters unfolding in the universe, trying to capture the imagination of the children using the application. Through our design process we leaned towards a friendly and appealing look and feel, which could be flexible enough to deliver a fun experience through the small story sequences.

Innopixel 3D model
Innopixel 3D model
Innopixel 3D model

The Solution

Throughout the entire project, we discussed everything from the overall concept, down to the smallest detail, making sure that we produced an experience that fell in line with what Red Ink had in mind.

We delivered a vibrant, colorful, and engaging Augmented Reality experience that resonates well with the young target audience. The new application brought the story about The Girl & The Raven to life in a beautiful and thoughtful way, which work very well with existing offline products.

With the foundation in place the concept can easily be extended to even more tourist attractions around the country, making it a seamless and coherent experience for people visiting the country.


We feel, that we have created something unique and exciting for Red Ink. This is merely babysteps toward something bigger that can extend beyond our imagination.

It was a project where our creative minds was constantly challenged, where every detail kept inspiring further ideas, on how this could evolve into something more. It also gave us much better insights into how Augmented Reality can play a big role in marketing and how to engage a target audience into an entire world.

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  • Unity development
  • 3D modeling
  • 3D animation
  • Sound design