We empower companies to embrace new technology

New technologies inspire us. At Innopixel we are constantly exploring the possibilities of the digital age, and we always aim at creating commercial value through our passion for digital design and user interaction.

Our diverse and interdisciplinary cluster of companies create unique products to meet the challenging demands of our clients and partners.

What we do graphics

We build beautiful and purpose-driven experiences

We offer a wide array of different services that can help strengthen your company. Feel free to explore some of our recent projects and learn how we help our clients.

Viking escape box

Kongernes Jelling

Viking Biking Escape Box

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gorm den gamle project

Kongernes Jelling

Live animation show

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fredericia museum locationbased game

Fredericia Museum

Locationbased game

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Fredierica museum deepfake display

Fredericia Museum

AI Deepfake displays

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Novozymes project


360° Video tour

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Egeskov Castle 3D projection

Egeskov Castle

3D projection

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We are your favorite navigator in the jungle of technology

VR, AR, 3D, 360 degree video, apps

The immersive experience is a balance and we engage the user in varying levels of depth.

Our products are designed to allow the user to engage deeply into activities and scenarios. Virtual reality is only limited by the power of your imagination - if you can dream it, we can create it.

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We are experts in the field of technology


Virtual Reality

VR is our tool to solve real problems using virtuel environments and immersion.


Augmented Reality

AR is a live view of a psycical, real world environment with digital layers on top.


Modelling & Animation

Building virtual environments requieres relevant 3D modelling and animation.


Video production in 360°

360 degree video content offers a great entry point for immersive experiences.

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